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How to Return a Gift

Return a Gift

If you've received a gift that isn't quite what you wanted, you have a few options:


If you want to exchange your gift for something else, then bring your item to a Walmart store. This way you can get store credit to purchase something that you really love. We are unable to exchange your gift for something different by mail.

To exchange your gift in a store:

  1. Bring the item you wish to return to the Customer Service desk. Be sure to also bring all original packing materials and accessories.
  2. Items may be returned within 90 days. Some exceptions apply to this 90-day rule, including Electronics items (computers, digital cameras, video game hardware, etc.). For more details, see our Returns Policies by Department.

  3. If available, bring the packing slip or receipt that came with the item. If you don’t have a receipt, please provide the order number or the sender’s email address (if the item came from Walmart.com).

  4. We'll give you store credit in the form of a gift card that you can spend on something new. If you have the receipt and are within the guidelines of the No Receipt Return Policy, you may also have the option to receive cash back.


If you like your gift, but something is wrong with it, you can replace it with an identical item. You may be able to do this at a Walmart store, if they carry that item. Search for the item on Walmart.com and see if it's "In stock" for your store.

You can also replace your item by mail:

   1. Click the “Start a Return” link below
   2. Select the "gift" option
   3. Enter the order number (listed on the packing slip) and other required
   4. Select Return By Mail
   5. Select the reason for your return and select to replace the item
   6. You’ll get a free, pre-paid mailing label and instructions on how to use it.

Once we receive your item back we’ll send you a new one, as long as the item is still in stock.

Start a Return


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