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Returns: Returns Agreement Process

If you’ve requested a refund for an item that you haven’t yet returned to us, or that you can’t return (for an item that was never received or is too damaged to return, etc.) then we may ask you to sign a return agreement in order to begin your refund.  

A return agreement is a legal agreement that that says you promise to return an item or confirms information about your order.

Here’s how the refund process works with an affidavit:

  1. We’ll email you a link to the return agreement. You have 7 days to agree to the return agreement or your refund/replacement request will be cancelled.
  2. If you don’t receive the email, you can also sign in to your account to find the return agreement.
  3. Go to your "Order History" and select the order you want to return.
  4. Click the link in the order to view the return agreement.
  5. Click Submit to agree to the return agreement.
  6. We’ll send you an email with instructions for returning your item, if it is returnable.
  7. You have 30 days to return the item once you agree to the return agreement. If we do not receive the item within that time, you will be recharged.
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