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Shipping Costs

Get free shipping

If your items total $35 or more and you select Value shipping, your order ships for free!

Sold by Walmart.com

  Value                         (6-9 business days*)

Standard         (3-5 business days*)

Order over $50   Free $4.97
Order under $50   $4.97 per order   $6.97 per order
Expedited          (2-3 business days*)   Rush (1-2 business days*)
Cost varies (charged per item)   Cost varies (charged per item)
Cost varies (charged per item)   Cost varies (charged per item)

Pharmacy, Photo, and Tires are not eligible for Walmart.com's free shipping

Freight surcharges (for heavy or oversized items), location surcharges (for areas like Alaska and Hawaii), and Marketplace shipping charges (for items sold on Walmart.com by our partner retailers) will be added if they apply to your order.

Items sold by Marketplace Retailers

We offer other retailers a chance to sell their items on our site. Here's what to keep in mind about Marketplace:

· These sellers' products count towards the $35 order total for free shipping

· They ship orders themselves and may charge shipping on their items

· They do not offer store pickup

· They have their own returns policies

About Marketplace and free shipping

Marketplace items count towards the $35 free shipping total but the retailer may charge shipping on their items. Example:

Walmart.com item $15.00
Marketplace item $20.00
Subtotal: $35.00

Walmart Value shipping FREE
Marketplace shipping $3.99
Total: $38.99

The great news is many of our Marketplace Retailers offer free shipping on at least some of their items.

To find out how much any order will cost to ship:

1. Add your item to your cart.

2. Click Proceed to Checkout.

3. Enter or verify your shipping destination.

4. Choose a shipping method.

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