Pay Your Walmart Credit Card or Walmart MasterCard

You can pay your Walmart Credit Card or Walmart MasterCard in these convenient ways:


 Payment Online

Sign into your Walmart Credit Card account to make a payment now.


If you haven't enrolled your account online yet, please register now. Online payments will post to your account in 2-3 business days.


You can pay using e-Payment or through CheckFree. Learn more about e-Payment or register with CheckFree to make a payment.

At this time, our online payment service cannot accept recurring payments or payments by debit card. 


E-Payment must be set up directly with your bank account. You need to have a valid checking account from a U.S. financial institution and the following information:


  • Bank name
  • Checking account number
  • Bank routing number (The first nine numbers from the left at the bottom of your checks.)


When using e-Payment, you may choose one of the following four options for the amount you pay:


  1. Total Minimum Payment Due: The amount you must pay in order to avoid a late payment fee.
  2. Last Statement Balance: The balance reflected in your previous statement (previous balance minus payments and adjustments plus transactions and finance charges).
  3. Current Balance: All transactions since your last statement.
  4. Other: Any amount up to your current balance.
  5. You may place a stop payment on an e-Payment, but only if your e-Payment is pending or has not been processed.


Sign into your Walmart Credit Card account to set up e-Payment now.

Pay by Phone

This service is free if you use the automated payment method.  If you choose to have a representative assist you with your bill payment, a $10 service charge will apply.  Please have your checking account information (check number, routing number, etc.) available when calling.  


You can pay by phone with with your debit card or an external credit card using Speedpay. Speedpay charges an additional convenience fee.


Walmart Credit Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart MasterCard: 1-866-611-1148

Pay by Mail

If you would like to pay your Walmart Credit Card by mail, please send your payment to:


PO Box 530927
Atlanta, GA 30353-0927


If you would like to pay your Walmart MasterCard by mail, please send your payment to:


Walmart MasterCard/SYNCB
PO Box 960024
Orlando, FL 32896-0024

In a Store

You can make a payment to your account in any Walmart store at the Customer Service desk. If you are a Sam's Club member then you can also make a payment at any Sam's Club location. Payments made in a store will be posted within 24-48 hours of the transaction.


We are unable to look up your account in the store, please make sure you have your Walmart Credit Card or Walmart MasterCard statement present for processing.

Use CheckFree

You can also make a payment online through CheckFree. You will need to either register or sign in to your CheckFree account to make a payment.

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