Search Tips

How to Search

If you would like to search for a product on, type the specific name of the item or a word that describes the item, such as "laptop", in the Search box at the top of your screen.

Click Enter on your keyboard or the magnifying glass on the right side of the Search box to view all the products that match the word(s) you entered.

Search by Department

To search by department (for example, Clothing, Electronics, Movies or Books), select an option from the pull-down menu. You can find the pull-down menu on the left side of most pages.

Search Tips & Hints

Single Word Search

To get the most results, enter a single word in the Search box.

For example, entering "desk" will display all items pertaining to desks. Searching this way will also display non-products on the site. For example, a search for "ship" will find product names in all departments containing "ship" and will also include shipping information.

Specific Search

For more specific results, search for one or more words and select a specific department from the pull-down menu.

For example, typing "doll" and selecting "Toys" from the pull-down menu will find all the dolls in the Toys department.

Combination Search

You can search for more than one word at a time


  • Select a specific department to see products from just one area
  • You don't need to capitalize or pluralize words. Entering "Phone," "phone" or "phones" will display the same results
  • Use specific words if you are searching for specific items. A search for "Polaroid Spectra film" will give you better results than just "film"
  • It's not necessary to use "and" to link related words (for example, "Sam Walton" is the same as writing "Sam and Walton").
  • Search for items containing an exact phrase by using quotation marks. For example, if you're looking for items with the phrase, "Rain or Shine," put it in double quotes so Search finds items with that exact phrase
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