Site to Store Self-Service Lockers - FAQ

What is Site to Store self-service?

We are testing a self-service pickup solution for Site to Store orders using a locker system. You will receive a pickup code in your Ready for Pickup email from if your package has been placed in a locker for pickup.

Where are the self-service lockers being tested?

There are 10 stores in the Washington, DC area included in the test (9 stores in VA, 1 store in MD). The lockers are located inside of the stores with most placements being at the front of the store either along the front wall, near customer service, or in the vestibule.

Store No. City State
1825 Manassas VA
1904 Leesburg VA
2015 Fairfax VA
2194 Alexandria VA
2258 Hybla Valley VA
3573 Manassas VA
5227 Burke VA
2038 Sterling VA
5880 Fairfax VA
2357 Germantown MD

My store isn’t listed. When will they get self-service lockers?

We do not have an exact date for other stores yet.

I use one of the ten test stores. Will my package be sent self-service?

If a package can fit in a locker, is eligible to be binned in a locker, and there is a locker available, the package will be placed in a locker for customer pickup.

If your package is placed in a locker, you will receive a Ready for Pickup email from with a pickup code in the email (note: SMS will not include a pickup code for the test).

How do self-service lockers work?

When you come to pick up your package, you’ll key in the code on the screen, sign for the package on the screen, remove your package from the locker, and then answer a brief survey.

How long do I have to pick up a package from a locker?

The pickup timeframe is the same as all Site to Store orders (7 days). If you do not pick up your package during the 7 day pickup window, your order will expire and the package will be returned to

What if I can’t remember or don’t have my code, the wrong item is in my locker, my locker is empty or I can’t open my locker?

You can call an associate for assistance by pressing the red help button installed by the locker touchscreen.

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