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How to Place an Order with
Using a Mobile Device
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How to Place an Order with

Create a Account or sign in Opens in new window

Find and add your desired items to cart
  • Find the item(s) you wish to order by entering a description in the Search bar or selecting the department from the navigation box on the left side of the home screen
  • Select Add to Cart
  • Continue shopping until you have added all desired items to your cart
Review Your Cart
  • To access your cart, you can:
    • Select the Cart icon at the top of the screen
    • Or select View Cart after adding an item to cart
  • Edit quantities, Remove or Save for Later in cart
  • Select Check Out when your order is complete
Sign in or Create an Account. Forgot your password? Click here Opens in new window to reset.

Select Shipping and Pickup Options
  • Shipping
    • Select a saved address or add a new address 
    • Choose the shipping speed for your items based on the arrival dates shown. If no options are available, it's because your item has only one shipping option
  • Pickup
    • If you would like to use free store pickup, select a store then Continue. If you do not see your desired store pickup location, you can select Edit and enter a different zip code to see more stores
    • Enter the name of the primary pickup person and email. Its optional to add alternate pickup person and mobile number to receive text message alerts, then select Continue.Additional information on Store Pickup can be found here Opens in new window

Select Payment Method
Finalize your Order
  • Select Place Order to complete the checkout process and submit your order
  • On rare occasions, after you select Check Out an item in your cart may have gone out of stock. This happens either if inventory for that item was very low when you began to shop, a customer(s) ahead of you in Check Out bought the item first or if the item was a bestseller and demand for it quickly exceeded our inventory. If an item already in your cart becomes out of stock, you still have the option of adding it to Saved Items. Just select Save for later next to the item, and we'll store it in Saved Items.

To place an order with your mobile device, go the App Store or Google Play and download the Walmart app.
The steps to place an order above are the same for mobile devices.

Does Walmart have an app for iPad?
Walmart has an app for the iPhone, but not an app for the iPad. The iPad app was retired in the fall of 2015. The technology we use for makes the shopping experience much better than what we can offer in an iPad app. Visit in Safari on your iPad and see for yourself! 

If you would like to use the Walmart iPhone app on an iPad:
Download the iPhone app from the App Store on your iPad. Once in the app, the screen may be smaller. If you experience this, look in the bottom right hand corner of your iPad where you will see “1X” with a circle around it. If you click on this, the view will expand to 2X and take up the entire screen of the iPad.

Experiencing difficulties? Contact Customer Care Opens in new window for assistance.
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