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Where do I find the school supply list page?

Mobile App: Services > School Supply Lists

Mobile browser and desktop: in new window

How do I find my child's school supply list?

  1. Enter your school's city, state, or zip code (required); Enter your school's name (optional); Click Search.
  2. Choose your school from the list of schools in the area.
  3. Choose your child's school supply list by grade or subject.
  4. Choose items to purchase from that school supply list or visit a Walmart store for your school supplies.
  5. If there is no school listed for your area, you can choose from a recommended school supply list (by grade).
  6. You can save your school supply list for later by clicking Save this school supply list

Where do I find my child's school supplies in a store?

This experience is available only on the app. 
  1. Find your local school supplies list (see above).
  2. Click the At Your Store tab.
  3. Click the See Items on Map button. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know this supply list is actually my school's list and not Walmart's recommended list?

A: School supply lists are provided by school districts. The date the list was made available can be seen on the search page. If your school list isn't available, then Walmart has recommended lists by grade level. 

Q: I can't find my school. How does my school participate in the supply list?

A: School districts can add their supply lists by going to in new window and uploading their supply lists. 

Q: How can a teacher create and share a list for their class/school?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Go to in new window.
  2. Enter your School's Zip Code.
  3. Select the School(s) you are uploading for.
  4. Upload your list via an accepted file format like jpg, Word, PDF, Excel, etc. 
  5. You will receive an email confirming your upload was received. 
  6. Your list will be available within 48 hours. 
  7. Once available, you will receive an email link to your list, and you can see it on in new window in the school supply lists.
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