Free NextDay Delivery

With free NextDay delivery, you can enjoy Every Day Low Prices with the convenience of fast, FREE shipping on eligible orders over $35.

How it Works

If NextDay delivery is available in your market, simply visit and you can toggle the NextDay experience to view all items that are available for free NextDay delivery. Any item that is labeled "NextDay eligible" is eligible for free NextDay delivery if the order is over $35.
If your cart of NextDay eligible items doesn't amount to $35, you can still get NextDay delivery for just $5.99.
If you need to return or exchange an item, you can return the item at your local Walmart store for an immediate refund or send it back in the mail at no cost. See Returns, Replacements and Refunds for more information.

Is NextDay delivery available in my area?

Currently, NextDay delivery is only available in select markets. To see if your area is covered, check for the NextDay toggle on the homepage.

Eligible & Ineligible Items

Look for the label "NextDay eligible" on the product or shelf page. If you see it, it’s eligible! All NextDay delivery-eligible items will be marked with a NextDay flag.
Adding an item that’s NOT labeled "NextDay eligible" to your cart will disqualify the entire order for NextDay delivery. If an item isn't eligible, a message will alert you to remove the item or save it for later to be added to a different order.

Are Marketplace and freight items eligible for NextDay delivery?

No, Marketplace and freight items do not qualify for NextDay delivery.

Why do you require a minimum order of $35?

Like many retailers, we require a threshold for free shipping. This enables us to deliver free shipping to our customers without charging a membership fee.

What if my cart of NextDay eligible items doesn't amount to $35?

You can still get NextDay delivery for just $5.99.

Shipping and Delivery

NextDay delivery will be available for orders placed before cut-off on Monday through Friday for delivery Tuesday through Saturday. Orders placed before cut-off on Sunday will be delivered on Monday. There will be a banner and a timer on eligible items informing you how much time you have to place an order before cutoff. Orders submitted after the cutoff time will be delivered within two business days.
For more information on how to track a NextDay delivery order, click here.

Order Placed BEFORE Cutoff

Ordered On

Delivered On*

Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Saturday
Saturday Monday
Sunday Monday


Order Placed AFTER Cutoff

Ordered On

Delivered On*

Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Saturday
Friday Monday
Saturday Monday
Sunday Tuesday
*Delivery dates may vary if there are changes in inventory, delivery capacity, or if items are shipped to a commercial address.

Can I get my NextDay eligible order shipped to my local store?

NextDay delivery is currently only available for orders shipped to your home.

What happens if I place my order on Saturday or Sunday?

Your order will be delivered by the date shown at checkout.

What will the NextDay experience look like on the Walmart app?

Simply toggle the NextDay experience in the Walmart app to see all items eligible for NextDay delivery.
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