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Create a Registry

Registry for Good enables registrants to create custom lists of products they need while providing gift-givers the ability to browse and donate to local causes. 

For more information on Registry for Good, visit Opens in new window
  • All nonprofit organizations must go through the verification process with CyberGrants before their registry is accessible online
  • A nonprofit can create a registry online while they wait for verification through CyberGrants
  • If a registry is unverified, a banner will appear across the screen that states, "to go live, you must complete the verification process."
  • Customers are restricted to one registry per nonprofit at this time
  • You cannot create a Registry for Good in-store at this time. You can, however, create a Registry for Good online by visiting the following URL: Opens in new window
  • Nonprofits must use an email address that is associated with their organization. For verification purposes, the and CyberGrants FrontDoor email addresses must match

Follow these steps to create a Registry for Good:

  1. Sign in to your account, then select Registry.
  2. Select Registry for Good.
  3. Select the Register Now button.
  4. Enter the requested information.
  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions, select Continue.
  6. Enter Organization address, select Continue.
  7. Enter shipping address for donations, select Continue.
  8. Select Start Verification to start the verification process with CyberGrants.
    Select Skip and manage registry if the verification process is complete.

Organization Already Registered

You can request access to an organization that has already been claimed by clicking the Request access to this organization button on the registration screen. The organization’s owner receives an email with your request and grants you appropriate access. If you suspect the wrong person has claimed your organization, use the Help form on the FrontDoor website - Opens in new window to submit a support request.

Cause-type Not Listed

Please select the cause that most closely aligns to your organization’s mission.

Adding Additional Chapters/Locations

Our FrontDoor support team can help you add new chapters or locations to your primary organization record. We consult with each organization owner to come up with the ideal way to have their chapters listed in FrontDoor, please know that this can take longer to get them listed. Use the Help form on the FrontDoor website - Opens in new window to get started.

Add Items

  • To add items to your registry, search for your item in the search bar and select the Add to Registry button on the item page
  • Currently, you can only add a maximum of 12 or 20 items at a time. This is a known issue that we are currently exploring. In the meantime, you can always re-add the maximum quantity of any single item to your registry as many times as you’d like

Edit a Registry

  • From the Registry page, select Edit Registry Settings
Users can edit:
  • Organization's name
  • Cause
  • Title
  • Description
  • Shipping address
  • Cover image
  • Profile image
  • Users can delete the registry by selecting Delete Registry.

Change the Organization's Name

To request a change to your organization’s name or address, use the Help form on the FrontDoor website - Opens in new window to submit a support request. Please include the reason for the change and all the relevant information. Keep in mind the name-change must be reflected in the IRS Business Master file information for your organization.

Change Organization's Administrator

To request a change to your organization’s administrator, use the Help form on the FrontDoor website - Opens in new window to submit a support request. Please include the rationale for the change, the old owner’s information, and details for the new owner.

Adding Additional Users

If you're an account owner, just click on the Add New User button on the Users screen. Fill out the form and a new user is automatically created. FrontDoor emails the new user a confirmation link and they can choose their own password to log in.

Editing Profile Picture and Cover Image

Users can customize their Registry for Good page by adding a cover image and a logo or profile image. This allows them to keep their branding and build trust in their organization.

As part of Walmart’s Terms of Use, we prohibit the use of text and imagery considered to be obscene, indecent, and profane from being published on We have ensured profane or obscene language is filtered and editors receive an error message until it is fixed. Find more information in Walmart's Terms of Use  Opens in new window.

Image Requirements:

  • Cover Image: Recommended size 2048px by 896px
  • Logo or Profile Image: Recommended size 160px by 160px
  • Supported files: JPG or PNG

Images that are either too large or too small will not render well on the registry page.

Share a Registry

  • Your registry will not be public until you verify your organization’s nonprofit status with CyberGrants, a third-party verification website. Additionally, the share buttons on your registry will remain disabled until you’ve successfully completed the application process
  • Once your registry is verified and public, you can share via
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Share Link (to copy and paste to other social media sites)
    • Email

'Page not Found' Error when Sharing Registry

You could be receiving this error for one-of-two reasons.

  • If you attempted to share the registry before the verification process has been completed
  • If your registry has been flagged for violating our terms of use, gift-givers see this error
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