Walmart Pay

What is Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay is a feature in the Walmart mobile app that enables you to quickly, easily, and securely pay with your mobile device in Walmart stores.

Walmart Pay works with any iOS or Android mobile device capable of downloading the Walmart app, at any Walmart checkout lane, and with any major credit, debit, pre-paid, or Walmart Gift Card.

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Why should I use it?

It makes shopping faster, easier, and more convenient, while at the same time keeping your financial information safe and secure.

How does Walmart Pay work?

To use Walmart Pay, you must first download the Walmart app, create or sign into your account, and update your account to include a preferred payment method. This can include any credit or debit card, prepaid account, or Walmart gift card.

While in the store, you will checkout as usual – at any lane. To launch Walmart Pay, open the Walmart app, select Services then Walmart Pay. After entering your unique security PIN or biometric identification, hold your phone over the QR code to scan. Once the phone registers the QR code, the payment will be processed automatically.

When your transaction is complete, you will hear a sound signaling transaction confirmation and an eReceipt will appear on your device.

Will Walmart Pay work on any device?

Walmart Pay is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Does Walmart Pay accept all payment types?

Walmart Pay can be linked to any major card, including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover, as well as Walmart Gift Cards, eGift Cards, and prepaid cards.

Walmart Pay cannot be directly linked to checking accounts.

The setup process, step by step:

In less than a minute you can set up your Walmart Pay account, by doing these things:

  • Open the Walmart App (must have the Walmart App to use Walmart Pay)
  • Select Services
  • Select Walmart Pay
  • Select Set Up Walmart Pay
  • Log in to or create a account
  • Add a payment method, gift cards, or use a payment method that is saved already to your account
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Setup is confirmed (swipe left for short tutorial on how to use Walmart Pay) or select Go To Walmart Pay
  • Verify that your account is properly setup by logging into your account
  • Create a passcode, re-enter your passcode, and enable touch ID if preferred
  • You can now use Walmart Pay!

In-store process, step by step:

  • When you are ready to check out, scan your items at any staffed or self-checkout register
  • A unique QR code is displayed on the debit reader screen
  • Open the Walmart app and launch Walmart Pay
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN or biometric identification for security
  • Hold your mobile device over the QR code on the PIN reader or self-checkout screen to sync with Walmart Pay. You may scan the QR code before, during or after items have been scanned at the register
  • Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a sound signaling transaction is complete and an eReceipt has been delivered. You’re all done!

How do I know whether my transaction is complete?

A tone will sound on your mobile device, unless your phone is on mute. If you close the app before you receive the confirmation screen, you will receive a push notification (if enabled).

The cashier will also inform you that you are all set and free to go. The debit reader will confirm the transaction is complete.

After checkout can I review my receipt details?

Yes, an itemized eReceipt will be available by selecting Account then Purchase History. Select the Store Purchase to open it and view each item and price.

eReceipts typically show up within 2-4 seconds, but sometimes there is a slight delay. eReceipts are saved indefinitely.

What if I want a paper receipt or a gift receipt?

The cashier can print a paper receipt if you request it. You can also send a copy of the receipt to the gift recipient by selecting the eReceipt for your store purchase and tapping the share icon in the top right corner of the page to deliver via email or text.

Is there a shortcut to access Walmart Pay?

There is a short cut that can open Walmart Pay right from the home screen of your mobile device on both iOS and Android (7.0 or later). Simply press firmly on the Walmart app icon from the home screen to see a drop down menu appear. Tap Walmart Pay to launch the feature immediately. Open. Scan. Done.

Can I use my new Walmart credit card with Walmart Pay?

Walmart’s Instant Access program allows you to use your new Walmart credit card immediately. Just add your temporary shopping pass credentials to Walmart Pay and use your new line of credit to pay in any Walmart store or on

Your temporary shopping pass is valid for 10 days, at which time you will receive your new credit card in the mail.

Once you receive your permanent card information, you will need to enter your new details in Walmart Pay or in your account to continue using your card in stores and online.

Why do I see a $0 or $1 charge on my bank statement when I add a payment method to Walmart Pay?

You will see a temporary pending charge on your statement while Walmart validates your payment information. This charge is reversed once the payment details are confirmed by your bank.

How do I choose which payment method I want to use during checkout?

After opening Walmart Pay, select the payment banner along the bottom of the screen. The default payment method is indicated by a check mark. Tap whichever method you would like to use and the checkmark will adjust accordingly.

To turn gift cards on or off within Walmart Pay, visit your Account, Payment Methods, and select Walmart Pay settings. Adjust the default settings accordingly.

Can I use multiple payment methods (like a gift card and a credit card) during one transaction?

You have multiple options to split up your payment across different payment types.You can split payment by using Walmart Gift Card balance first, and then another card registered in your account for the remaining balance.

You can also split payment at the register, paying first with cash or another payment type, and then paying the balance via Walmart Pay.

What if the QR Code does not work?

The cashier can print out a QR Code for you to scan with your phone. You can discard this QR Code after you successfully scan it as it is only valid for one transaction.

There is a known issue with Pixel 2 phones- try these tips:

  • Check out at a self-checkout lane with Walmart Pay. The registers at the lanes have a higher success rate with Pixel 2 devices than the debit pin pads
  • If checking out with an Associate, position the QR code displayed on the debit pin pad at the top right of the mobile device screen and try scanning. There is a higher likelihood that the QR code will register with the device from this position
  • Ask the cashier to print out the QR code for you and attempt to scan the printed QR code

What happens if my payment is declined when using Walmart Pay?

A decline happens the same way a current transaction decline happens today – if a payment is declined, the cashier or self-checkout screen will inform you that the Walmart Pay transaction cannot go through, and you will be prompted to select another payment option.

How do I return an item I purchased using Walmart Pay?

Provide your phone number for automatic item look up to the associate at Customer Service.

Alternatively, within the Walmart app, select "Purchase History" from “Account”. Select the eReceipt containing the item you wish to return, and scroll to the bottom until you see the transaction barcode. You will then show the large barcode to the associate at Customer Service.The return is then completed as usual.

Will Walmart Pay offer loyalty rewards or coupons?

No, digital coupons will not work. Paper coupons will have to be scanned as they are done today.

Can I use my Associate discount with Walmart Pay?

Yes, just visit to register your Associate Discount details with Walmart Pay.

Can I use Walmart Pay at Sam’s Club?

Not at this time.

Can I get cash back with Walmart Pay?

Not at this time.

Can Walmart Pay be used for fuel?

Not at this time.

Can I use EBT/WIC/SNAP with Walmart Pay?

Not at this time, but you can split payment type and use Walmart Pay for items not eligible for WIC/SNAP. Be sure to split payment before using Walmart Pay.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

Before completing a purchase using Walmart Pay, you must enter a 4-digit PIN or use the Touch ID function on your phone to authorize a payment.

Your personal and payment credentials are never stored on the phone, nor are payment transactions transmitted via the point of sale.

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