About the Walmart MoneyCard

How a Prepaid Debit Card Works

The Walmart MoneyCard is like a credit card that you control the limit on - you prepay the amount you need that limit to be. It’s a safer, more convenient way to pay than cash and you can use it wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. You can use it to shop, travel and more.

When the card balance gets low, just reload the card. It can also be used by minors (ages 16 and 17), so it’s a great, safe way to give an allowance, teach responsible spending habits and make sure your teen always has money. If the card is ever lost or stolen, just let us know and we’ll cancel that card and send a replacement. (Fees may apply.)

Who Can Get a Walmart MoneyCard

Anyone 18 and over can buy and use the Walmart MoneyCard - there’s no credit check and no bank account is needed. Minors aged 16-17 can get the card with parents’ permission. You can get multiple cards for a single account - all fees and purchases will be drawn from that account.

Where the Walmart Money Card Is Accepted

Use the Walmart MoneyCard anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted - grocery and department stores, gas stations, Walmart.com and other online retailers, hotels, airlines, rental car agencies that accept debit cards as payment options, etc.

Walmart MoneyCard Fees

Here are the most common fees for the Walmart MoneyCard:

  • Issuance fee : $3.00
  • Reload fee: $3.00 (free with direct deposit and Walmart Check Cashing*)
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $3.00

Learn more about other fees in the Walmart MoneyCard Cardholder Agreement. Opens in new window

*Check Cashing fees apply. Not available in all states.

How to Get a Walmart MoneyCard

You can request one online (and avoid the Card Issuance Fee) by visiting the Walmart MoneyCard site. Opens in new window The card will be mailed to you in 7-10 days.

You can also pick up a Walmart MoneyCard in any checkout lane at your local Walmart store. The $3 Card Issuance fee will be charged when you purchase the card. You can also use cash during checkout to load money onto the card.

How to Reload a Walmart MoneyCard

You can reload the Walmart MoneyCard using cash at any Walmart checkout lane. If you cash your payroll or government check at Walmart, you can load that onto your card as well. You can read about other reload methods, such as direct deposit and bank transfers, on the Walmart MoneyCard site. Opens in new window

Get Help with Walmart MoneyCard

If you have questions or need help with your Walmart MoneyCard, please visit the Walmart MoneyCard site Opens in new window and look for the information you need across the top of the page. More details about the card, how to reload it, and specific help topics are all available there. If you can’t find the information you need, you can call 1-877-937-4098 for assistance.

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