About Walmart Marketplace

What is Walmart Marketplace?

Our partnership with our Marketplace Sellers lets us bring you millions of products with a wider choice of brands. We are adding new Marketplace Sellers all the time to give you more choices at Walmart.com.

  • When you purchase an item from a Marketplace Seller,you get the same secure checkout process and single payment that you have come to expect when you purchase an item from Walmart.com. Marketplace orders cannot be shipped to a Walmart store for pickup.
  • Walmart does not share your credit card or other financial information with Marketplace Sellers.
  • The Marketplace Seller manages and supports your order, including shipping and handling, customer service, exchanges, and returns. Tracking information, if available, can be accessed through Your AccountOpens in new window.
  • Walmart is available to help resolve customer issues in accordance with the Walmart Marketplace PromiseOpens in new window

Want to sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Learn how to become a Marketplace SellerOpens in new window

Returning a Walmart Marketplace Purchase

See Walmart Marketplace ReturnsOpens in new window

Walmart Marketplace Customer Service Policy

  • If you have questions about a product your purchased from a Marketplace Seller or problem with a Marketplace order, contact the Seller directly. Learn how to contact a Marketplace SellerOpens in new window.
  • Walmart.com stands by the products sold on our website, so you can contact Customer CareOpens in new window if you’d like us to help you initiate contact with the seller.

About Walmart Marketplace Seller Reviews

Walmart Marketplace Seller Reviews are written by customers who have purchased products from a seller other than Walmart.com. The reviews are not about the products themselves, but about the quality of customer service the Marketplace Seller provides, as well as whether items arrived on time and in good condition.

If you make a purchase from a Marketplace Seller, we'll send you emails inviting you to review both the Marketplace Seller and the product a few weeks later. Use the links provided to get to the review forms.

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